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We develop the tools everyone else uses. Our products are used by firms worldwide to understand solar glare and improve PV sites.


Looking for solar panel glare analysis tools? Check out for convenient ways to analyze glare and optimize your proposed or existing PV installation.

ForgeSolar glare analysis algorithms are based on Sandia Labs' Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool (which we co-invented).

Solar glare analysis and site assessments

We provide comprehensive site assessments to quantify the presence and impact of glare. We can also investigate mitigation strategies to help you reduce or eliminate predicted glare. We don't just use tools - we specialize in understanding the causes and effects of glare. Our experience includes numerous glare assessments.

We are also available to review existing assessments and analyses to determine their comprehensiveness and accuracy.


Glare modeling

We're currently developing several tools for understanding glare from PV arrays and concentrating solar heliostat fields. Projects include:

  • Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool enhancements - revolutionized glare analysis and won R & D 100 award in 2013
  • Tower Illuminance Model - visualizing concentrating solar power heliostat fields over time
  • Related enhancements for military-specific applications

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